Adrian: Cyber & Privacy Advisor

is the Founder of Threat Condition - a company that specializes in helping organizations solve their security issues. Adrian has over 25 years of experience working within the security functions of a wide range of  industries and understands the business side of security including the impact of GDPR to business function.Building and running companies as well as events in a number of vertical sectors has given him the skills and experience to lead the Threat Condition team and act as an executive consultant to those developing their organizations. Adrian founded alien8 Security, the European distributor for Immunity Inc and is the Co-Founder and Event Director of both 44CON and Infosec in the City - Singapore He is also the Co-founder of Cortex Insight and held the CEO position for 4 years.Adrian holds a MSc in Information Security from Royal Holloway and a BSc (Hons)in Computer Science.


Jay: Advisor

J.D. Miller is a consultant to 55b Labs. While an enlisted flyer with the U.S. Air Force Reserves, which afforded him the opportunity to travel the world several times over, Jay began a sales career with United Parcel Service. Having learned the B2B sales trade via professional training and practical application over the course of more than 2,000 sales calls with UPS, to include successfully co-selling a $4.5 million opportunity, he left UPS after several years to join VC-funded startup Maven in San Francisco, helping to grow the company’s business around their online network of expertise. Ten months into Jay’s time with Maven, and just as he was bringing Philips Electronics in for a pilot project, the opportunity arose to move across the Atlantic and live in London. This necessitated a departure from the San Francisco startup, but allowed him the opportunity to join a bootstrapped startup in the UK. While with 42iq, a real-estate visualization company in London working in VR, AR, and CGI film, J.D. helped to grow the company from a single client to a company with dozens of qualified prospects in the pipeline and more than £1 million of business closed in just over one year of active selling. It was during his time in London that J.D. developed a keen passion for emerging technologies, and their power to reshape much of the business world as we currently know it. Diving deep into both artificial intelligence and blockchain, he was offered the opportunity to chair a blockchain panel discussion at the London School of Economics.Now located in San Francisco once again, Jay consults with startups and scaleups, helping them to strategize and implement processes for client prospecting & acquisition.

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