Technology Overview

We use several different methods in order to create our experience. A lot of these technologies are built by hand but we enjoy a challenge and hope you enjoy the experience that we can bring to you.

This is How we build our AR experiences!

multi user.jpg

Multi- User Experience

Synchronize multiple devices with our custom computer vision networking protocols. This breakthrough technology connects users together for both shared and collaborative Networking experiences only.We believe that building mobile experiences is something that will create true value as an organization. We feel that if we can't share and connect with people during events in real time we will miss out on opportunities. Introduce yourself to someone at an important event and then share that connection with someone else.


AR cloud

Store your network/connections  in the real world and have them persist across time. Create realtime memories of people you connected with in the past and set up reminders.

 Our technology remembers the precise position of every person that you connect with during events. We believe that if you connect with someone and want to follow up with that person then you should. Build great connections and then send those connections to other people in realtime.

cross platform.jpg

Cross platform collaboration 

Carry your connections at different events on multiple phones across both Android and iOS devices. We enable a full end-to-end system which integrates with current developer frameworks. 

Carry your connections with you or save them in our cloud. Keep and move your connections at different events.