55B.ai is pushing to democratize deep learning


Over decades we all have looked at Artificial Intelligence as a way to build engaging applications. We have looked at so generic. Did we ever ask ourselves better questions.What is it that we aren’t asking.

Why do you think everyone is scared of deeplearning & applications that can figure out problems with very limited data? 

We see these as possible opportunities to teach the people that are building them and developing a platform to always perform with inclusion in mind. Do you build applications & experiences for everyone? All demographics, cultures & genders. 

We have seen the light turn on to the internet & now everyone is on the internet. We have seen the amount of kids that are bullied. How can we help with this problem that is going on not just in America but around the world. Is there a way to push the limits of what AI is going to be in the near future? We at 55B.ai believe that in the future our reality will be in front of us. Everything that we have learned and past creativity will fuel new creativity. 


Listen to Demis Hassabis that is a pioneer in the space

What part of our brain deals with human bias? How can we help prevent that or How can we detect it and give suggestions on how to start that conversation. 

Research states that in the coming years of computing we will be able to do things that seem impossible now. I haven’t heard yet about the ability to change the conversation around racial bias. 

This is where we introduce Cody, and he is a problem solver & he understands as the world sleeps. Cody wants to understand people & how they feel. 

As we work on building Cody to understand the world around him & the people he wants to speak to. We want everyone to understand that general artificial intelligence is becoming more and more prevalent. We all want systems that work really fast and seamless but it is going to take time. 

Our job at 55B.ai is to deploy problem solving solutions for good. We see that as a first. What needs fixing in the world and how can we apply this to real world issues. So we are humanity first and technology second.

Machine Learning is the subset of giving a computer data that often uses statistical techniques to give computers the ability to learn with data, without being exactly programmed. So having the ability to tell a computer what to do and then leave and watch it do just that over and over again. That is quite intelligent over time. 

Why is this important? 

It is important because as computers start to collect a lot of data on a person it is important that computers can start to think over time. Imagine if when you went to work that you had to start from scratch every single time. There was no memory of what happened the day before. It is difficult to work like that & we believe that as we grow up and the world puts us through very difficult challenges that we need reminding that humans evolve over time & the same will go for computers, robots, & more.

Applied Machine learning 101 (above)


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