How a small Startup in SF landed another adaptor for their AI agent Codey

AI, AI, AI…. When people speak about Artifical Intelligence we seek out to understand the fact that we aren’t the smartest beings on earth anymore. Computers have long surpassed us by a long shot. The ability alone of memory, on shot learning and supervised learning has been something that computers have mastered and we are writing code to solve all of the mundane problems that we never want to live with.


55B, inc.

Michael A. McNair & looks to solve this on an enterprise level and beyond. This small startup has been in Silicon Valley for about 8 months building product, focused on the market and building up a user base. They just landed another forward-thinking company in Kansas city called Novel City Ventures.

Novel City Ventures preps accelerator launch for worldwide socio-economic impact

A new accelerator in Kansas City is planning to spur change at a global scale through its inaugural cohort of…

A lot of companies don’t understand Artifical Intelligence or Augment Intelligence. Where humanity & technology blend. If you are like Elon Musk then we all are cyborgs.

The company 55B, inc. Is trying to set new goals and milestones for AI. It is starting by controlling the narrative of how it creates technology. 55B, inc’s team is very diverse in their skill set. It isn’t your usual technology company that is pushing out products. They all have a unique skill set when it comes to product, deployment, & sales strategy. Their first product Codey explains that.

“We just see the world a bit different and all want to do our part in building it” -Michael

There are a lot of issues with AI now and it stems from architecture, deployment, data, & lack of data scientist in the field. So a lot of the big heavyweights have access to a lot of resources. Understanding a company culture is one thing based on the media but it is completely different when the president all the way down to the last employee understands the emotional cognitive temperature of their organization.

55B’s Mission:

Democratize Deep Learning

Use that education to solve complex human problems.

Novel City Ventures understands social impact and they are at the forefront in the midwest. So they are partnering with 55B to first implement and gain control over how people communicate at work, and then they will utilize their platform for other services that are being deployed in the future.

What is the price to make sure that your employees are being productive?

Understanding that question at an early age in business is crucial. That is why 55B, inc. Is going to partner with startups and deploy free services to make sure that they build products and services with impactful/informative data.

What’s next?

We are looking for more customers/clients to partner with. We like the scrappy startup challenge but we also understand focus. We are mainly focused on technology, and the finance industry. Our reports want to reflect each company differently & Codey makes those reports stand out.

How can a company participate?

First check out our web site & test our neural network:

Next step would be to contact the founder & get set up with our free tool first. Each report shows more and more insights about your company. We can customize the insights to show exactly what you would like to see.

How do you view the world?

55B, inc. views the world with a lot of autonomous agents like Codey. The founder could go in to more detail about this at a later time.

Check out our website for more information and be first to test our program in the future:

Centiment and 55B founders could be on to something big!!


*Micah Brown*


Founder of 55B

Specializing in applied artificial intelligence from a product perspective — specifically in experimental data-driven psychometrics using spatial-temporal data, this effectively mixes machine learning and AI from a theoretical and practical perspective and using the power of both of those tools to understand people’s behavior in relation to digital media at scale — with a specific focus on semantic analysis based feature space reduction. Micah & Michael met at an MIT Hackathon in 2017 where they shared their journeys with each other.

Micah sharing his life in London and Michael sharing the fact that growing up in a small town in upstate New York would change when he moved to San Francisco.

“Growing up in a small town I almost felt like it was a handicap because I would think that people believed because I was from a small town that I had a small mind.” -Michael

Over the course of months Michael set out to have a life in SF and Micah stayed in NYC while working with their startups. They always kept in touch but never knew if one day that their work/personal life would cross.

“ I knew that we shared a similar mindset but practical reality about the way we saw the world. We had a clear and concise way of what we wanted to give this place.”

55B & Centiment will be joining forces on a few different levels. We will only speak about a couple in this article but we will soon be able to share even bigger news.

“He who said he can, and he who said he can not are both usually correct” Confucius.

In technology there has been a few people that have truly wanted to make a splash in certain sectors. Some people feel that media is a great way to get in the technology industry or even trying to build the next BIG app. There are so many distractions that are out there now from small to LARGE things. We are so focused on WHO can scream the loudest that we forget about products that actually make sense. Product, Brand, Lifestyle is something that Founder Michael says a lot. When you want to build a company you want to focus on a few things. Product, sales, direction and execution.

What Micah and Michael are trying to discover is truly different because they are both obsessed with the brain. So Michael considers himself a practicing neuroscientist & Micah has done his long study of the brain with his company. It is fun to watch two people try to figure out the most complex organism known to man.

“I see the the study of the brain as a lifetime mission. I want to not only understand the brain on a larger scale. I want to create access to people of color or underrepresented classes of people to close the gap on neural knowledge.” -Michael

Two Founders that want to change the scope of Artificial Intelligene and start to bring to light their ideas of how AI could be applied, deployed and built is important to them and their clients.

Micah truly understands people and branding when it comes to an AI perspective and he wants to combine that knowledge of people and data science as a form of communication. It would only make sense that he would join the 55B team as an Advisory/Mentor.

“You want to surround yourself with not just people who share the same mindset as you but people that are willing to understand the position you want to create and run with you there.”

55B wants to democratize AI and use it as a tool to solve human complex problems.

Codey is our first product:

Our First product we wanted to make a point about some of the small data that we collected over months and months of understanding human thoughts. As that hostility in the workplace is a known fact! We wanted to show people that you can say things at work that could be taken in a lot of different ways. So we created a way to do that in real time. In that journey of doing it we discovered that with Codey (AI) that we were able to do so much more and at Scale.

If you click above and watch as we are tying. After the immediate input of sentiment data. Codey was able to understand how that person was feeling just based off of words. We share a dream in which a lot of other developers and doers want. We want to be able to speak, translate, understand human emotion and translate that into behavior and action.

What are some ways you are teaching your workforce about NLP(Natural Language Processing)?

What are some ways you are teaching your Executive team about Artificial general Intelligence?

There is a huge learning curve when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. Why do we need it? What is it going to do for our business? & How will it effect our work life in the next 10 years? These are some of the questions that we get from users/executives.

We want people to understand that you already use AI in your everyday life. If you have a smart phone you have been using it for years. We have all created our own neural network that understands our habits, goals(both physical and mental), and emotions. The only problem is that it is scattered all over the place.

People believe that AI isn’t sexy and that it needs more of an image and that is what 55B is looking to do for the enterprise space. We want to be reliable and efficient.

Check out our website for more information and be first to test our program in the future: is pushing to democratize deep learning


Over decades we all have looked at Artificial Intelligence as a way to build engaging applications. We have looked at so generic. Did we ever ask ourselves better questions.What is it that we aren’t asking.

Why do you think everyone is scared of deeplearning & applications that can figure out problems with very limited data? 

We see these as possible opportunities to teach the people that are building them and developing a platform to always perform with inclusion in mind. Do you build applications & experiences for everyone? All demographics, cultures & genders. 

We have seen the light turn on to the internet & now everyone is on the internet. We have seen the amount of kids that are bullied. How can we help with this problem that is going on not just in America but around the world. Is there a way to push the limits of what AI is going to be in the near future? We at believe that in the future our reality will be in front of us. Everything that we have learned and past creativity will fuel new creativity. 


Listen to Demis Hassabis that is a pioneer in the space

What part of our brain deals with human bias? How can we help prevent that or How can we detect it and give suggestions on how to start that conversation. 

Research states that in the coming years of computing we will be able to do things that seem impossible now. I haven’t heard yet about the ability to change the conversation around racial bias. 

This is where we introduce Cody, and he is a problem solver & he understands as the world sleeps. Cody wants to understand people & how they feel. 

As we work on building Cody to understand the world around him & the people he wants to speak to. We want everyone to understand that general artificial intelligence is becoming more and more prevalent. We all want systems that work really fast and seamless but it is going to take time. 

Our job at is to deploy problem solving solutions for good. We see that as a first. What needs fixing in the world and how can we apply this to real world issues. So we are humanity first and technology second.

Machine Learning is the subset of giving a computer data that often uses statistical techniques to give computers the ability to learn with data, without being exactly programmed. So having the ability to tell a computer what to do and then leave and watch it do just that over and over again. That is quite intelligent over time. 

Why is this important? 

It is important because as computers start to collect a lot of data on a person it is important that computers can start to think over time. Imagine if when you went to work that you had to start from scratch every single time. There was no memory of what happened the day before. It is difficult to work like that & we believe that as we grow up and the world puts us through very difficult challenges that we need reminding that humans evolve over time & the same will go for computers, robots, & more.

Applied Machine learning 101 (above)


Check out our website for more information and be first to test our program in the future:


Weak Ties Theory

In 1970 Stanford professor Mark Granovetter published an empirical paper called The strength of weak ties. Where he explains that a person who naturally wants to not only excel in life but truly understand themselves can benefit from their weak ties in life and not their strong ones. 


When we connect with people we want to be accepting of the same things we believe in. We naturally look for reasons to like or not like people. The reason why believes in connecting more weak ties is the science of diverse communities building more inclusive products, services, and relationships with people that don't always look, want, and agree with themselves. 


Mark Granovetter "Analysis of social networks is suggested as a tool for linking micro and macro levels of sociological theory. The procedure is illustrated by elaboration of the macro implications of one aspect of small-scale interaction: the strength of dyadic ties. It is argued that the degree of overlap of two individuals' friendship networks varies directly with the strength of their tie to one another. The impact of this principle on diffusion of influence and information, mobility opportunity, and community organization is explored. Stress is laid on the cohesive power of weak ties. Most network models deal, implicitly, with strong ties, thus confining their applicability to small, well-defined groups. Emphasis on weak ties lends itself to discussion of relations between groups and to analysis of segments of social structure not easily defined in terms of primary groups."



We forget that when we go to conferences and networking events that we are looking for only the people that act & relate to us. We are only looking to strength our "strong ties" 

Society as a whole wants us to continue to find people that relate and only connect with us. We believe that you become a better person with more diverse communities.